OMG I Think I Might Be Pregnant!

I Might Be Pregnant

Dear Collage,

I’ve been going out with this guy for a few months. We have used every precaution before having sex. We even have a back up method for birth control! Now it has been a week since I should have started my period and I haven’t started yet. I’m FREAKING out. I don’t even know if I like this guy all that much and now this. I think I might be pregnant. Can you …

How Do I Help When My Friend Is Pregnant?

Pregnant Friend

She called you up last night and you’re still shocked from the news. Your friend is pregnant, and it wasn’t planned. You’re not sure what to say. You spend so much time together. The last thing in the world you can imagine is her having a baby. You want to be there for her, but you’re just not sure what to do.
Many women find themselves in this scenario and sometimes they don’t say…

7 Ways Pregnant Women Can Stay Cool This Summer

7 Ways Pregnant Women Can Stay Cool This Summer

Summer in Nebraska is hot. Really hot. Like Africa hot. And if you’re pregnant it can seem even hotter. Add in a little humidity and it can make being pregnant in the summer feel um, should we dare to say…uncomfortable? We understand the quest for the tiniest bit of shade and the slightest breeze.

Sometimes even those aren’t enough. Extreme heat calls for extreme measures and Collag…

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